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About Salome

Salut, I am Salome Khelashvili. During my 33 years on Earth, I’ve come a long way to realize that Yoga is not just one part of my life, but the way of it. It is the only thing that challenges and makes me discover new experiences. Over the past few years, as I delved deeper into my practice, I realized I needed an outlet, somewhere outside of my room to share my experience and knowledge I’ve gained. I want to inspire people along their yoga journeys, and help them to be healthy inside out.

It is essential for our success and happiness to follow our flow. We need to trust ourselves, listen to our inner “Yes” and follow where our heart and intuition take us…. Many people follow someone else’s flow, then they feel confused and distant from their own hearts. More you follow your flow, happier you will feel and when you feel happy, peaceful and centered, you will attract greater abundance. I invite you to step into your power by committing to follow your flow, as a result, your life will feel more graceful, easy and free.

Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors carry energy and our vibration matters … You are ready to let yourself shine and create a life you love

Salom Yoga x

Follow Your Flow

June 1st – June 7th, 2020

6:00 p.m.

Welcome to my 7 days online intensive course, where you can delve deeper into the world of yoga.
You will have physical practices, breath works, talks and guided meditation. These 7 days will help you to feel physical strength and inner peace, will help you to dive deep into the layers of your personal practice.

The next asana of the standing sequence of Ashtanga yoga is Karnapidasana . It’s more or less a stretching  exercise for the upper back and the spine . This pose can invite to do shoulder stand. I focus on the exit. In order to get stronger I hold the poses shown in the pictures as long as I can. It’s exhausting. The muscle must burn if one wants to get stronger. If nothing is felt, nothing happens.

All poses can be done sloppily. With time I understood why I exercise a certain asana. It allowed me to work especially on these aspects. For me utkatasana is a strength exercise,…

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